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1986 turbo low idle almost dying

Sooo i have owned this car for over a year and for the most part, it has ran very reliably (not considering the lean/richness). The problem started today when i just installed my new carpet and was driving home from work when my foot kept getting stuck on this little rubber pad when i was on the throttle pretty good so when i naturally would push in the clutch, it revved very high a couple times. When i came to a stop is when i noticed that the idle was very low and rough. it was very low like it was ready to die but it was holding on to its dear life and staying alive. when i revved it up it would hold a higher idle for a second or two before returning to the low/rough idle. when i got home, i noticed that the fuel pump was making a louder than normal buzzing sound and was wondering if that could be it, or if it is just the Idle Air Control Valve or let me know what you think it could be im open to anything.
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Well, buncha things. Get down to the carpet under your pedals and make sure nothing is catching or slowing your pedals, either in or out. SInce your problems pre-dated the carpet stuff, there are 2 solenoids on your air regulator, one for idle-up and the other for idle-something else. Z will not run right without BOTH of those solenoids working perfectly. You can check their operation by removing and testing with a 12v power source. You should hear them click when power is applied. If they are not working, replace. Nissan cannot provide new so check recyclers and maybe buy the whole used air reg with solenoids attached from a recycler, depending on what recycler is willing to do. Go to Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market and find one. Verify with fotos exchanged before paying/shipping if recycler is at a distance.

Your fuel pump is probably good because they rarely fail. They are also available from recyclers if needed. Good luck!
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