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Should I buy 82' 280zx

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is doing well. I wanted some feedback on a potential car I was thinking about getting. It is a 1982 Datsun 280zx. The engine is disassembled and out of the car but has everything needed to run, with some new parts, and a manual on how to put the engine back together. Interior could use carpet and seats. The exterior has no rust and is in fair condition. Tires aren't best, but work as do the brakes. He is asking for 500 bucks. I am 15, pretty mechanically inclined and have the $500. There is also one for 900 running but with no interior other than the dash and the seat. Which should I go for if any?

This is the $500 one

This is the $900 one

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Well... do you want to put an engine back in and hope it runs? Or do you want a running car from the get go? You can deal with interior easier than putting back in an engine that someone else messed with.
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How long until you are legal to drive? Might give you time to fix up the $500 one, although the first one looks like you would need interior also, lol.
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Yeah, got to be impressed with your enthusiasm. You could not have picked a more beautiful Z to restore. Fair price for a "used" masterpiece. Amazing . But you should be aware of what the restoration will cost you. Mucho bucks and a lot of patience. At this point, cannot estimate the quantity of either you will need. When either one runs out you may be stuck with an elephant almost nobody wants. But if you have (or think you do) unlimited resources, go for it. I.suggest that you somehow arrange to actually DRIVE a similar Z in good running condition. I mean, you would not take a wife without knowing if all goes well in the sack, right? Check that Z, as best you can, for how she will make you feel when she is running right. Best of luck!

Do not overlook Auto Parts Market You have that resource (almost) unlimited.

Oh, yeah. Previous owner removed the engine for a reason, yes? See if you can find out that reason before you commit to this. Big bucks and muchas hours in that!

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I would go for the running car. Atleast then you have something to drive while you gain funding and make repairs. It looks like a 2+2, but currently configured as a 1+0.

The non runner would be a poor choice. The dream is just some time to bolt things back together and it works. The reality is there will be extensive additional work to make it run.
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My advice to this young man is don't buy these cars. They're 'Money Pits'. I see them all over Craigslist for sale after their owners gave up due to not having the time or funds to complete their projects. Save your money and buy a Z that is rust free and running.Good luck!
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Well, that would be common sense. Really none of us have any of that or we'd be driving Toyota Corollas.
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