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White smoke from engine bay (VG30DETT)

So, this is probably a regular topic no doubt. Get ready for a fukin novel.

Got my 300zx Z32 TT about three weeks ago, been sat on the previous owners drive for about 2 years. Drove it back from his town which was about 40 miles, got home and some white smoke appeared from the engine bay, not massive amounts but some. Took no notice of it, was a cold day at the time and had been raining so thought it might have been moisture evaporating.

But recently its gotten worse, noticed the volume of smoke has been steadily increasing, or it could be the weather is getting colder so it 'seems' like theres more smoke. Knowing my luck the issue has probably gotten worse. I've done the general service of making sure fluids have been replaced (so coolant, engine oil, tranny/diff fluid) and swapping out spark plugs, oil filter, air filters but the smoke itself seems to be coming from deep within the engine bay.

Anyone else got any insight onto this issue? I'll attach a annotation below to show where exactly the smoke is coming from.
Thanks in advance guys

White smoke from engine bay (VG30DETT)-nissan-300zx-engine-bay-vg30dett.jpg
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