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Brake MC replacement

So I know a lot of parts are NLA.. What have you all done for replacements?

car: 1980 280zx, almost all original, one previous owner who took it to shops throughout it's life, so no aftermarket parts..

Needs a new MC, and has a leak at the right rear caliper. It just failed Virginia safety inspection yesterday, my daughter had to drive it to school before I got home from work so I haven't had a chance to look for myself, but I need to fix it ASAP so I'm trying to come up with a plan.

pure coincidence, on a VW forum I'm on, they just started talking about Cardone industries about two weeks ago and it seems unanimous (at least for vw reman parts from them) that they are complete garbage, like mismatched parts, things not within tolerance, things broken, etc. just a complete lack of QC.. so when I look for these brake parts, and see that cardone is one of the few places offering things like MC's.. I'm getting worried.

Searching here, it seems a lot of you have used 82-83 power boosters by rotating them 180 and rerouting vac lines. what about the MC itself? anyone use a universal or MC from another vehicle? what do you do with the cap sensors? any help would be greatly appreciated!

For the caliper, a post from like 2009 talked about the crush ring being missing.. I just had SS braided lines installed about 5 months ago by a shop (I couldn't get the old ones off so I let the shop do it so if anything broke, it'd be their fault..), I'm gonna check to see exactly where it's leaking from, if it's by the line, i'll inspect for a missing crush ring.. if that's not it, should I look for anything specific otherwise? If I have to replace the caliper, i'll do both rears at once, but those are also NLA, what are you all replacing yours with?
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What involved in increasing the bore of the MC? 0.938 seems to be an oddball on Summit.. every one I find (5 out of 200 so far) is about $400.. can I increase to a 1 inch bore? do I just ream out the power booster a little? or does anyone know the dimensions of the factory power booster and I just find a suitably sized replacement?

I think I'm on a good track, but I've never messed with modifying something like this on any car other than my 72 beetle..
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