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Exclamation Sport Z Magazine Supercharger Challenge

Hello everyone,

I have been offered a challenge by SportZ magazine based on a comment I made about offering a specific "350Z Only" version of the magazine:

Here is my question to you. Do you think that a 350Z only magazine is something that you'd subscribe to? Would you be more inclined to susbscribe to SportZ if it was dedicated entirely to the 350Z or at least had a lot more information on them? I would (even though I have sent in my subscription for the magazine in it's current form). The challenge that has been given to me is that if I can get 50% of the members of this forum to subscribe and say "Yes, I want more 350Z's in Sport Z Magazine", SportZ will buy and install either a supercharger or TT in my car.

So what's in it for you

Well, in addition to getting a great magazine packed with lots of pictures and articles about all Z's you will have the opportunity to voice your vote on whether or not you would want MORE 350Z information than currently is included in SportZ magazine. So... if you are like me and think that a magazine that has more information, articles, and pictures of our beautiful 350Z's is something you want, Please please please subscribe to SportZ Magazine right away and tell them "I want more 350Z's in your magazine". Also, please make sure to let them know that you want your subscription to go toward the "Chrismcagle Supercharger Challenge".

There are 3 easy ways you can subscribe to SportZ Magazine

1. Go HERE and fill in the info.
2. Call (505) 771-2374
3. E-mail [email protected]

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Here is some exciting news! All 350z Forum subscriptions from Jan 1, 2003 will count toward my goal! This is a quote from Robert Bell at Sport Z Magazine. His decision increases my chances for success a whole lot. With your help, it can happen!! Please make sure to note that you are with and that you want your subscription to count towards the "Supercharger Challenge".


Just made an executive decision:

All orders going back to January 1, 2003 will be applied to the ChrisMCagle quest for added ponies in his 350Z. Please email me personally at [email protected] with your name and address and we'll do the research and apply those back orders to the folder.

This will give Chris a jump-start to success. BTW, the phones are ringing at Sport Z Circulation and the orders are beginning to come in. Haven't seen any on-line orders SPECIFIC to Chris so please be sure to make a note in the comments section of the order form.

Robert Bell
[email protected]
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If you have subscribed, please let Sport Z know

Hello everyone,

Since Bob has included all subscriptions this year towards my goal in the Supercharger Challenge, there is something

that I need for you to do to help me if you’ve already subscribed this year. Please contact Bob at Sport Z Magazine at

[email protected] and let him know that you have subscribed this year and would like your subscription

to count toward my goal in the Supercharger Challenge. Thank you everyone! With your help, I can win this challenge!! I

appreciate your support!

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