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Low oil pressure 300zx..why?

Hi folks I'm a new member and I need some oppinions about possible causes for my problem.
I have a 1988 300zx turbo manual gearbox (almost 100k mileage) .Everything is fine except the oil pressure that stays in normal range (2-4bar) only when motor is cold.After the motor reaches the normal temperature ,the pressure goes very
low 1bar and even below and reaches 2 bar only at high Rpm.
The oil lamp is always off after starting and goes never on while motor is running so it's not so bad but I'm loosing very much torque when motor is hot (because of low oil pressure)
Has anybody any suggestions about possible causes,parts to being replaced or something?
I intend to build a Boost Controller and a Cone filter and I don't want to blow this motor .

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Re: Low oil pressure 300zx..why?

Probably your oil pressure sending unit. No warning lights right?
It is a fairly cheap part... otherwise I'd say your oil pump is at fault

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Re: Low oil pressure 300zx..why?

I'd bet it was the sending unit, it went bad on both my Zs. Had same problem, high pressure when cold, barely anything when warm...buddy had same problem too...I just replaced mine ($40) and it is much better now

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