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95 300z N/A sounds like a muscle car.. help :(

ok i have been browsing the forums forever and have found a few solutions but i thought i would go ahead and actually post something.
My Z sounds like a muscle / drag car... its awe full.. I was told it has a vacuum leak but i dunno yet.
It has no low end power, sometimes the idle goes up and down very fast between 800 - 1200. Its very loud and throaty. When coming to a stop and down shifting there is alot of back pressure and popping coming out of the exhaust. Sometimes if I dont downshift and just put it in neutral and coast the car will die. Ive done the coilpack test and everything is working fine on all cylinders. It just feels like im trying to pull an 18 wheeler or something. I can barely keep up with traffic and the car screams like im hauling when im going 20 mph... I mean.. it feels like it wants to take off.. but it doesnt. And 1st gear i have to rev it up to even move so it wont die. I have another IACV to put on it.. that should take care of the idle.. but what about the power and sound? Any suggestions?
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I would not mess with the IAC for now.. go after the big problem first..

SOUNDS from here like the Exhaust is plugged up.. ??..

Quick test.. kinda tight to do..

Take a Screw In Compression tester ( For the Engine ) and Remove the O-Rings on the Threads.. ( They will Melt ).. then using a O2 Sensor Sockett, remove the Right Side O2 Sensor ( It's Easier to get to than the Left, but you can do Either ).. then Screw in the Compression tester.

Leave the O2 Sensor unhooked ( Or hooked it it's being a Bitch ) and put it somewhere where it wont fall off.. ( If it hooked, it gets Hot )..

Then Start the Car and Drive it to redline if it will get there.. if not reve it as high as it will go..

Stop the Car and Look at the Compression Gauge.. If you are higher than 20 PSI your Exhaust is FUBAR.. Likely the Cats Sooted up from running too rich, or dumping too much oil down them..

10 PSI is good, and 5 PSI is best..

If you are less then 20 PSI then the Problem is not the Exhaust Pressure.. Time to check the Plugs for Color.. ( Mixture )

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