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Unhappy L28 EFI limitations

I love the simplicity and sound of the L28 and so i do not want to swap it out however it is by modern standards fairly slow...

Currently my L28 and its EFI works fine and so i don't want to change it if its not necessary. When i was speaking to a friend i said i was thinking about installing new headers and exhaust and putting a slightly more aggressive cam. He said that there's no point putting a better flowing exhaust manifold/headers on without a better intake manifold and he also said without a proper ECU a more aggressive cam profile would cause very little benefit as you couldn't take advantage of the increased duration/bigger openings of the valves.

Is he right? would it be worth installing exhaust headers without a new intake manifold? Does the EFI really restrict the performance that much?

I was only looking to get the car to maybe 200-220, not looking to build a rocket ship.
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Your friend may be right in some regards, but there is plenty to tweak and mod to increase performance with a stock EFI. You can adjust the AFM and install a potentiometer on the CHTS to fine tune the AF ratio (assuming you install a wideband O2). A header and cam are great upgrades. As well as a 60mm throttle body, port matching the intake neck, and various other things. It all depends on how much time and money you want to spend. But these things aren't going to get you anywhere near 200-220hp. lol. That's day-dreaming. You'll need a lot of machine work, definitely Megasquirt, and $6k+ to get over 200hp from the N/A L28E. That's why it's MUCH easier, cheaper, and more effective to go turbo.
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