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Z31 Turbo brakes on NA spindles

For give me if this has been discussed, but I was only able to find a Z32 brake swap.
I am experienced at doing brake swaps, but not familiar w/ the Z cars, YET!

(I will be doing an auto to manual swap, VG33 bottom end when I rebuild,
wheels/ tires suspension, etc.)

My question is. . . .is swapping to Z31 turbo brakes as easy as replacing the
wheel hubs, rotors & calipers? Will I need different brake lines?
Are there any other issues w/ this swap?
Thanks for you help!
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Welcome to ZDriver!

Page BR-19 of your freebie factory service manual covers the major differences between the various brakes on the Z31. (FSM at XenonZ31 Reference with other cool docs. Info feast!) The whole brakes chapter is a short read.

I'm not convinced that I ever noticed a difference between my NA brakes and my turbo, but I wasn't really looking. Maybe someone here can explain. Great brakes when done right, no question. Nissan designed them right for the Z31s. If you can get them back to Day One performance, knocks your socks off.

You don't say what year Z31 you're working on so our brakes experts might just pass up your post. Anyway, just check out the manual and see what questions remain in your planned swap. The parts fiches can give you original Nissan part numbers and you can take those to your parts places for aftermarket 'equivalents.' Smart to take the old part with you. Nissan may have a few OEM part$$ and piece$$ left, gotta check that out with a local dealer - one part at a time.

Thanks and welcome again!
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Except possibly for the special edition "Shiro" model, I think the same brake calibers were used on both U.S. NA and turbo cars throughout the Z31 series. This is certainly true for '86 model I have compared to '86 turbo cars, both had the same rotor and single piston caliper on the front. The attractiveness of the Z32 front brake swap is a larger diameter rotor and larger calibers with a twin piston design.
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forgive the bump from years past, but I'm also looking to upgrade calipers and stopping power on my 86 z31 NA.
I've read many places about people swapping in the 300zx calipers and rotors into 240's but havent come across much as far a upgrading what came stock on the 300, let alone what will fit nicely without exhausting expense in wheel spacers, wheels, and tires.

imho, i like the stock look, wheels may come down the line, like i feel that nissan did a good job in design for the most part, and i like to leave my projects at least looking stock.
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It has been a long time since I initially posted, I apologize for taking SO long to get back to those trying to help out.
I have a 1989 Z31 w/ single piston front calipers, I have located a set of dual piston calipers from a 1988 Z31 turbo.
I "think" I saw something about needing hubs & rotors as well, but not sure.
ANY help is freatly appreciated. . ..
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